In-home Dog Training in the Woodlands 

Professional and Customized Dog Training!

Lone Star Dog Training offers four separate in-home training programs, each focused on a separate behavioral concern. But they all started thanks to our basic in-home training program.

Through our basic in-home dog training program, Lone Star Dog Training helps owners handle their dogs’ common, though frustrating, behavioral problems. These may include hyperactivity (jumping, racing, counter surfing), excessive behaviors (barking, digging, chewing), anxiety, trouble housebreaking, separation anxiety, difficulty walking on a leash, and lack of basic obedience.

Customized Training for You and Your Dog

Your Lone Star dog trainer will use time-tested, industry-approved techniques that work. More importantly, they’ll teach you these techniques so that by the end of the training program you’ll know just as much about keeping your dog’s behavior under control as your trainer. Each program is customized to fit the individual dog, but some techniques that may fit into your training program include basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, focus training, crate training, place training, structured scheduling, decreased roaming, increased exercise, proper socialization, and more.

There are many types of training available, but for these types of behavioral concerns, in-home training is the most effective. In-home training keeps your dog close to you, in his/her comfort zone, and close to his/her behavioral triggers. In-home training also allows you to stay involved in every step of the program, and it allows your trainer to offer you one-on-one attention. Once your dog is able to focus and obey commands within the home, we can begin taking him/her outside of the home, to ensure your dog’s training remains effective.

Starting outside of the home, in a new environment, puts your dog in a position of stress and unfamiliarity from the start, and you may experience less effective results.

To learn more, or to schedule an in-home consultation for your dog, give Lone Star Dog Training a call at 832.802.0717.