Lone Star Dog Training FAQ’s 

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  • Are you a certified dog trainer?

Yes! I have been educated and certified through the Canine Trade Group school, which means I know all there is to know about canine psychology, history, and training methods. I’ve put this knowledge to work by training rescue dogs that may not have otherwise found a home due to their severe behavioral problems. I have hands-on experience, a strong mental foundation.

  • I see a lot about Canine Trade Group. Do you own your own business or not?

I owe a lot to Canine Trade Group, and my business is included in the Canine Trade Group network of dog trainers. However, it is my own business and not a franchise.

  • My dog just needs some basic obedience training. Is in-home training my only option?

Quite recently, Lone Star Dog Training has begun participating in Practical Pet Protocol, a group training course designed to fulfill the need of dog owners just like you! Practical Pet Protocol is open to dogs six months of age and older that do not suffer from any severe behavioral issues. It’s basically just for dogs that are a little rough around the edges and prone to distraction.

  • Do you train pit bulls?

    I train every breed. I will never turn away a dog because of breed, age, size, or temperament. The aggressive dogs and breeds with bad reputations need my help the most because people need to see that behavior can be modified and the problem doesn’t lie in genetics!!

  • My dog is severely aggressive. Will you tell me to euthanize?

I will never suggest euthanasia as a behavioral solution. Barring any medical problems, your dog’s behavior can be turned around with customized in-home training and the help of a knowledgeable trainer.

  • Who can I contact if I have a question that isn’t listed?

If you’re looking for more information, have a question, or want to set up an in-home consultation, give me a call at 832.802.0717 today!