Dog Training the Woodlands – Expert Dog Training for ALL Dogs!

Lone Star Dog Training The Woodlands offers five unique training programs for dog owners in the North Houston area of Texas. We have a focus on in-home training, so four of these programs would take place in your home, with a certified trainer giving you and your pet one-on-one attention for the duration of the training regimen.

In-Home Training Programs

Our basic in-home training program is designed to eliminate frustrating habits in your dog, such as hyperactivity (jumping, running, counter surfing, excessive barking, etc.), chewing, digging, refusal to potty train, and more. This program is also effective for solving the problem of separation anxiety.

Aggressive Dogs – We Can Help!

The aggressive dog training program is geared towards dogs suffering from all types of aggression (sibling, food, fear, etc.). Signs of aggression may include growling, snapping, and snarling. We’ll happily help any dog, no matter the breed or severity of the problem.

Start off with Puppy Training

Our in-home puppy training program is designed specifically to help puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger get used to their new home and the rules of that home. We put an emphasis on basic obedience, proper bonding, and breaking any bad puppy habits.

Dog Training for Expecting Parents

Cribs & Canines is the newest addition to our in-home training lineup. It’s meant to help new and expecting parents create a safe environment for their new baby. We help the dog adjust to the changes within the home and teach the dog any new behavioral boundaries.

Group Classes for Basic Obedience Needs

We also offer a group training course for dogs in need of basic obedience training. Any of the aforementioned challenges are best solved through in-home training, but basic obedience training can be taught quite effectively in a group setting.

All of our in-home training programs are customized to suit your dog’s needs and personality. This, and the trainer’s one-on-one commitment to the training goals, is what makes these in-home programs so effective.

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