Lone Star Dog Training Testimonials

We want your to be a part of our testimonials and success stories! Our goal here at Lone Star Dog Training Kingwood is to keep dogs in their homes and out of shelters, or being euthanized. Read some of our testimonials below:

Travis made life so much better with my dogs!! I didn’t think I’d be able to manage both shepherds but now we’re a family!! Thank you!

Sia B.

Travis is helping us train our 15 month old German Shepherd dog. We have had two sessions and have seen dramatic improvement in her “manners.” He has given us not only the tools to be successful, but also the confidence. We are excited to continue working with him and to see Paris grow and make amazing progress with her manners. Thank You Travis!

Jerry K.

Such a great company. Travis, the trainer is amazing. My dog loves him. Of course my pup listens to him better than me, but he has done a wonderful job teaching me and the dog to follow my lead. They have been so helpful and instrumental in my dogs upbringing. Can’t thank them enough.

Sarah T.

Travis is the best! Only had 3 session in and almost all of my dogs negative habits are gone! So glad we contacted him. Super highly recommend him. Can’t wait to for more training.

James P.

Travis is a great trainer he has helped Titan and I learn the best way to do the basic commands. I recommend Lone Star Dog training to anyone that is needing help with their dog (s).

Rhonda H.

Lone Star Dog Training is fantastic. We started training a pitbull terrier that we rescued in July. When we began she was dog aggressive and would not follow commands. Even walks were a challenge as she feared many things in the outdoors.

Travis’ commitment to us and our dog has been great. He calls mid week to check in and answer any questions we may have, as well as working with the dog and then working with us. His approach is positive reinforcement and our dog has responded excellently. The in home approach made all the difference in her success.

Now our pitbull walks in heel, follows all our commands. She is learning to socialize with other dogs and walks two to three times a day. She is very happy and much more secure and trusting now also.

The fact that Travis is committed to the life of our dog and will retrain , and even after years gave past, is an added bonus. The quality and commitment of Lone Star Dog Training is unparalleled.

Katherine M.

I can’t believe how much fun we are having now with our Boxer Rhonda Rousey.. She has became a beautiful intelligent train dog all because of Travis.. We Love to take her out now to The park , To the stores and also to our friends are relatives houses.. and we can now take her swimming because when we call her she comes back to us . I want to say thank you Travis for helping us with our boxer Rhonda Rousey she loves that she can go with us now when we go places.. 

KL Terry