The Importance of Crate Training

Lone Star Dog Training puts a large focus on crate training. To some, crate training seems overly restrictive, but you have to remember that how you would feel about being in a crate isn’t close to how a dog does. We serve The Woodlands, Spring and the North Houston area teaching a method that has seen countless victories through the consistent use of a crate throughout a dog’s training. Once you learn how a crate can create order and harmony in your home you’ll swear by it too.

Crate training should be a good thing for your dog - The Woodlands Dog Training programs we offer can help get your dog properly crate trained.Separation anxiety is a big problem for many dogs. Crate training a dog helps them to overcome their separation anxiety by teaching them that the crate is a safe place and that it’s OK to be alone. Dogs have a natural inclination to want to be close to their people, and to want to go with them when they leave the house (but can’t come along). A crate teaches a dog to appreciate its own alone time. It’s a safe place where they can relax and take a good nap, or chew a good bone. A dog needs to be conditioned to be alone. This is the only way to get them over their separation anxiety. You can’t always be around; a crate teaches a dog that that’s OK.

When a dog has too much freedom they don’t get happier, they get more anxious. What happens is, dogs simply don’t know what to do with themselves. They’re pack animals, and they’re used to looking to those around them for clues as to what they should be doing. When you put your dog in its crate every time you leave home you create a consistent situation of control that actually relieves your dog’s anxiety. They know what to expect. They know what to do. Instead of wandering and sniffing around the house looking for something to do, you put them in a situation where they have no other choice than to relax, lay down, and be content with the safe and quiet place they’re in.

Crate Training is a good thing!

We offer in-home training that begins with a consultation that assesses your specific situation. When we’ve gathered enough information to truly have an understanding of your dog’s life and its issues we sit down with you and create a training plan designed to address them. Our training is rewards-based, which essentially means we re-wire your dog’s thinking to work towards a behavior that is rewarded: good behavior. Once they’ve learned that good behavior will be rewarded, they make better choices in less-familiar situations by using their new thinking: seeking reward through good behavior. At this point it’s hard for your dog to fail. We love that! And that’s why we’re committed to this method.

Give us a call at 800.649.7297 and we can discuss our training in more detail with you. We have a team of experienced behavioral specialists that have helped countless dog owners get on the right track with their dog. We can also communicate with you through our contact form.

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