The Difference Between Group Classes & In-Home Training

As an owner, are you having trouble with the idea of dropping your dog off at training, or having them train with a group of other unfamiliar dogs? It can be a daunting concept, especially if you’ve got a dog with unique social needs such as anxiety, aggression, or easy overstimulation. It’s nerve wracking to leave your dog in the care of others, no matter how well behaved they are. While group dog training is one of the most popular options, Lone Star provides an alternative that may be better suited for you and your pet.

  • dog being trainedLone Star Dog Training is about treating you and your dog as individuals. We recognize that everyone comes from a different background of experience and that their pets may have complicated histories, which is why we don’t believe in batch training. If you’re near or around The Woodlands, Spring, or Kingwood areas, our trainers come to you. After an initial consultation, we make an appointment to meet with you in your home, on your time.


  • Training a dog one on one in your home has several benefits. First off, it directly involves you, which means that you learn everything your dog learns and more. Watching the trainer interact with your dog will teach you new things about how your dog listens and understands, and may prepare you for future events where you’ll have to train your dog on your own.


  • Another benefit is that your dog will be comfortable in their own space. A group training infringes a lot of stimuli that may not be beneficial to your dog’s learning or health; foreign distractions, hyper dogs, new people, all on top of new commands.


  • Being in their own space will make them that much more prepared to focus, and it will also help the trainer address any behavioral issues when and where they naturally occur, as opposed to trying to recreate them in a new space. This ensures that we get to the root of the problem quickly.

If you’re ready to take the next step in training, but you don’t feel that group training is best for your dog, contact us today to discuss options for individual training at 800.649.7297.