Why Do Sibling Dogs Sometimes Fight?

Lone Star Dog Training The Woodlands knows that just like in humans, canine siblings will always have rivalries, and dogs vying for dominance is natural. A lot of time in a growing dog’s life cycle is spent establishing their social rank and competing with those around them, but what if the play is getting too rough and lasts into adulthood?

Lone Star Dog Training The Woodlands can solve sibling aggression!

Some dogs get aggressive with their siblings and it can become serious for your pack relationship and concerning for you as an owner. Before assessing aggression, it’s key to recognize that every dog has its own play style. Some are more vocal and rough, and others are quiet and nervous, and some dogs don’t play much at all whereas others never seem to stop. Depending on how the dogs interact, you may find that the relationship between the two is becoming aggressive and strained and can take a turn for the worse when you try to get between them. And this isn’t limited to blood siblings — adoptive siblings can begin to lash out for dominance as well.

Like all behavior problems, sibling aggression is a matter of establishing the relationship structure between you and your dogs. Our in-home dog training consultations can assess the situation and decide what training plans are best to help you even out your dogs’ relationships and make your life easier. Our expert dog trainer will work with you to address common problems and behavioral issues, no matter the age of the dogs or the severity of the issue.

By reestablishing yourself as the leader and at the forefront of the relationship, you can shift the pack focus away from struggles for dominance and strengthen your relationships and trust at the same time. Sibling aggression can be scary to watch and hard to break up, but it does not mean that it has to be permanently damaging for you or your pack. Call Lone Star Dog Training The Woodlands at 800.649.7297 to set up an in-home consultation.

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