Older Dogs Can Be Trained

I always recommend enrolling your dog into a training program early on. It is always easier to teach your dog manners and instill boundaries when they are young and impressionable. However, contrary to popular belief, older dogs can learn new tricks as well as pick up bad habits. The only difference between training an older dog versus a puppy is that we must first rule out any health issues. We must be certain that your older dog’s aggression is not due to arthritis or that their sudden lapse in housebreaking isn’t the result of incontinence. Once your dog is cleared by a vet we can begin training.

There are several reasons why an older dog may be in need of training:

Lone Star Dog Training Kingwood TX can help your older, it's never too late to have a well behaved dog!Maybe you’ve adopted a new pet and now your older dog is becoming destructive and fighting for your attention. Or maybe your older dog has always had a problem with his possessiveness and now it has gotten out of control. Regardless of what factors have played a part in your dog’s bad behavior, we can help!

I am a certified dog trainer and I will get to the bottom of these behaviors and get your dog on the straight and narrow. A major benefit of in-home dog training is that your dog will receive one-on-one attention and an individualized training plan that is catered to your dog’s specific needs, temperament, behavioral issues, age and learning style. Depending on what behaviors we are modifying the training plan may include basic obedience, place training, crate training and/or leash training.

Our commitment based training program guarantees results. We will work with you and your dog until they are fully trained; no matter how long it may take. So don’t give up on your canine companion. Call us today to 800.649.7297 to set up your in-home consultation so we can teach your old dog new tricks!