Dogs Can’t Change Without Owners 

Does your dog’s bad behavior have you at wit’s end? Hiring a dog trainer will help, but it’s only one part of the process!

Most clients want their dog’s behavior to improve—and quickly! I get it. By the time I’m at their house doing a consultation, they’ve usually had more than enough. It’s difficult to stay patient when you’re fed up and stressed.

Our Woodlands dog trainer can help both your dog and you! Remember, they cannot change without their owner!Unfortunately, dog behavior modification isn’t always fast. In most cases, true change takes patience and time. I might be able to get your dog to obey a command in a few minutes, but it’s only a first step in the process.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if your dog behaves for me. They have to behave for you! My job as a dog trainer isn’t just to train your dog; it’s to empower you with the knowledge and skills I have so you become your dog’s leader.

Training a dog to make good decisions is about communication and consistency. It’s about doing small things over and over again until good behavior becomes the default for your dog. As a trainer, my job is to teach you what these small things are, how to constantly enforce them, and how to reward your dog for doing them.

In addition to the how, I ensure you understand the why behind dog training. This is crucial because when you experience setbacks—and you almost inevitably will—you need to fully understand the big picture and the goal that you’re working toward. This is an area I think many dog trainers neglect to dig into, at the expense of both the owner and the dog.

Overall, my message to you and to all of my clients is this: your dog can’t and won’t succeed without you! Your dog puts in work during dog training and you need to, too. Your dog needs your leadership and guidance to learn proper behavior. It’s okay for you to need professional guidance as well! That’s what I’m here for.

If you’re in need of a dog trainer who will also train you, call me at 800.649.7297 or fill out our contact form. I’ll ensure you have the information and skills you need to turn your dog into a more obedient companion. I’ll commit to working with you and your dog until you’ve met your training goals, and I’ll always be here for support during your dog’s life-long training process.