Dog Training Trains Owners Also 

Dog training isn’t just about teaching dogs commands or tricks, it’s about instilling boundaries, showing the rewards of better behavior, and consistent communication with your dog. It’s not about just getting your dog to stop chewing up your shoes or barking at your neighbor (though these are great!), but it’s about getting to the root cause of these behavior problems, which often times, anxiety or lack of leadership are the main culprits. Dog training is training dogs, but it’s also about training their people as well so that everyone can succeed.

Lone Star Dog Training the Woodlands - Dog Training is Owner Training

Training builds the bond between dogs and owners!

All of my Woodlands dog training programs are about training dogs and teaching their owners. To me, while I can do amazing work with any dog, the dog’s success is heavily reliant on their owner’s effort and commitment. After all, these aren’t MY dogs, they have their own people and these are the ones that need to know the training more than anyone! I mainly offer in-home dog training in the Woodlands area because I think this one of the most effective approaches where both owner and dog can achieve lifelong results together!

Not only do dog owners learn how to handle and succeed with their dogs, but they become PART of their dog’s behavioral success. This both a rewarding and empowering benefit for a dog owner…they get a well-behaved dog and owners acquire lifetime skills to carry with them for their dog or future dogs. In this scenario where a trainer assists and teaches both owner and dog, everyone applying commitment until training goals are met…well, there’s really no way you can lose!

When a dog owner signs up for my Woodlands dog training program, they won’t just be passive observers as I work with their dog on the leash…they take a hands-on approach and learn the proper way to guide and communicate with their dog. Owners don’t just learn how to say commands to their dogs, but also how to apply timing and rewards so that the dog is motivated to continue this behavior more frequently and reliably. Owners learn about consistency and how that is the key to progress…owners learn how to apply it, how to troubleshoot when inevitable setbacks take place, and how to resume that consistency so that the dogs not only learn the better behaviors, but also adopt them as their default behaviors.

If you are interested in learning how to be a trained dog owner and having a behaviorally successful dog, call 800-649-7297. Committed owners apply only though. It’s no secret that dog training can take a lot of work and time. But with Lone Star Dog Training, I commit to committed owners once we get results and everyone is completely satisfied! Slackers need not apply to my training…but if you’re an owner that’s ready to pave the path to behavioral success for you and your dog, give us a call or write us using our contact form!