Crate Training Is Positive, NOT Negative

Whenever I suggest crate training to a client they often frown upon the idea. I am not at all surprised by their response because many people view crates as a cage and as a form of punishment. However, when crate training is done correctly it is a very beneficial training tool.

Crate training is a positive thing for your dog! Dog Training Kingwood Blog I have worked with many clients in the past that tried crating their dog and was unsuccessful. Some common complaints were that their dog would whine, bark and scratch whenever they were in the crate. These behaviors are all examples of what happens when crate training is done incorrectly. If your dog associates the crate with a negative experience, then you will not be able to successfully crate train your dog. Many dog owners who try to crate train their dog often make the mistake of using the crate as a form of discipline or even crating the dog for too long.

Crate training it not something you should do on your own without the help of an experienced trainer.

I have successfully used crate training to correct an array of behavioral issues. If your dog suffers from problems like housebreaking or separation anxiety, crate training your dog could help. Crate training is very popular amongst the puppy population. It helps their humans teach them potty training and it can also be used as a safe haven for the puppies during stressful situations like thunderstorms. The crate should not be used as a prison where your dog is locked away for several hours a day and they are only let out to eat and to use the bathroom. The crate should be a place where your dog feels at ease and a place where they can freely relax.

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog with behavioral problems, crate training may help. Call us today at 800.649.7297 to learn about our in-home training program!