The Difference Between Group Classes & In-Home Training

The Difference Between Group Classes & In-Home Training As an owner, are you having trouble with the idea of dropping your dog off at training, or having them train with a group of other unfamiliar dogs? It can be a daunting concept, especially if you’ve got a dog with unique social needs such as anxiety, … Continued

Make Dog Training FUN!

Make Dog Training FUN! What comes to mind when you think of dog training? Is it a vision of hours of repetitive commands, doling out treats, and eventually getting frustrated? Do you think of slow progress or perhaps no progress? We understand your struggle, which is why the experts at Lone Star Dog Training make … Continued

Why Do Sibling Dogs Sometimes Fight?

 Why Do Sibling Dogs Sometimes Fight? Lone Star Dog Training The Woodlands knows that just like in humans, canine siblings will always have rivalries, and dogs vying for dominance is natural. A lot of time in a growing dog’s life cycle is spent establishing their social rank and competing with those around them, but what … Continued

Older Dogs Can Be Trained

Older Dogs Can Be Trained I always recommend enrolling your dog into a training program early on. It is always easier to teach your dog manners and instill boundaries when they are young and impressionable. However, contrary to popular belief, older dogs can learn new tricks as well as pick up bad habits. The only … Continued

Crate Training Is Positive, NOT Negative

 Crate Training Is Positive, NOT Negative Whenever I suggest crate training to a client they often frown upon the idea. I am not at all surprised by their response because many people view crates as a cage and as a form of punishment. However, when crate training is done correctly it is a very beneficial … Continued

The Importance of Crate Training

The Importance of Crate Training Lone Star Dog Training puts a large focus on crate training. To some, crate training seems overly restrictive, but you have to remember that how you would feel about being in a crate isn’t close to how a dog does. We serve The Woodlands, Spring and the North Houston area … Continued

Stop Bad Behaviors From Forming and Exploding In Your Face!

Stop Bad Behaviors From Forming and Exploding In Your Face!  When a dog has a bad habit or behavior, it usually doesn’t come out of the blue. Normally, there’s a slow buildup, and sometimes it’s easily spotted, and other times it’s very hard to detect at first. If it’s hyper behavior, destructive behavior, or even … Continued

Dogs Can’t Change Without Owners

Dogs Can’t Change Without Owners  Does your dog’s bad behavior have you at wit’s end? Hiring a dog trainer will help, but it’s only one part of the process! Most clients want their dog’s behavior to improve—and quickly! I get it. By the time I’m at their house doing a consultation, they’ve usually had more … Continued

Dog Training Trains Owners Also

Dog Training Trains Owners Also  Dog training isn’t just about teaching dogs commands or tricks, it’s about instilling boundaries, showing the rewards of better behavior, and consistent communication with your dog. It’s not about just getting your dog to stop chewing up your shoes or barking at your neighbor (though these are great!), but it’s … Continued

Mickey: Territorial Aggression Case Study

Mickey: Territorial Aggression Case Study  Dogs and people get along great because we serve as perfect companions for one another. Often times, a person will adopt a dog so that they or their family have a companion animal in the home. Sometimes in addition to this, a dog will serve (or at least pose) as … Continued